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Corporate History and Philosophy

Ideal Transportation Company, Inc., was founded in 1976 by Joseph and Nadine DiGiulio.  And for all those years Nadine has operated the day to day operations while Joe has been involved in the sales of the company and as safety officer of the company.

 Joe was voted president of the company and his experience as a traffic manager and knowledge in warehouse management put him at the fore front of many of his competitors.  A student of traffic and logistics management and warehouse distribution at Northeastern University placed Joe with knowledge of the industry.  In addition to his studies at Northeastern University for the traffic, logistics management and warehouse distribution Joe earned for himself a degree in business. His stern military discipline and police background provided guidance towards making the company successful.  Joe's knowledge of traffic, routing and rates are a skill set very few possess in the today's trucking industry. 

In addition to those qualities, his business acumen allows him to oversee operations and make decisions that have been beneficial to both the customer's service needs and efficiencies within the company. He possesses heightened marketing skills and goes out of his way to personally visit each customer in order to really know them so that the service can be matched exactly to the customer's needs.

Joe is not an advocate of micro style management. He allows his operations staff to perform their duties and make their own decisions. His management, office and production staff characterize Joe as a fair, but no nonsense, employer. He feels that it is important that personnel who are placed in responsible positions within his company share his longheld philosophy that "It is because of our customers that we exist". Through this philosophy the company has earned an envious reputation for being a reputable trucking company with an excellent record of on-time delivery.

When the corporation was formed it's headquarters were located on an old construction site in Peabody, Massachusetts.  Joe's business ability in 1985 convinced the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide a low rate loan which facilitated the construction of a new terminal complex at 17 Oak Street, Peabody, Massachusetts.  This site is strategically located near routes 128, 95 and route 1 and provides the company with easy access to the interstate highway system in all directions.  Joe continued to improve the company's position by having U.S. Customs bond him as a US Customs Bonded Carrier and by making his yard a US customs Bonded Container yard. 

Nadine DiGiulio started with the company in 1976 as the dispatcher and continued in that position until 1994. While carrying out those duties, she studied the business and became highly conversant in all aspects of the trucking industry. In 1994 Nadine became the CEO. In addition to serving in this role, she remains in charge of operations. Her hands-on approach to daily operations is known throughout the industry, especially her tailoring of trucking service to meet the needs of her customers.

Nadine is well known to steamship lines from Florida to Maine and Los Angeles to Boston for her accredited work in the trucking industry. She is well respected for her honesty and sincerity and her availability to assist with questions. She is loyal and dedicated to her customers and, in so doing, keeps their customers happy. She believes that communications are the key to a successful trucking company and that the ability to communicate should be available at all times. In 1997 she placed cellular phones in every company owned truck to better serve her ever-growing list of customers. She also had each and every driver, company or Owner Operator, carry with them a pager with computer messaging capability.

Her fleet is updated annually by keeping up with the newest technology that is available. Her tough screening of drivers and constant oversight of the maintenance to vehicles has maintained her satisfactory rating with the DOT.

Ideal Transportation Company is the trucking company in the northeast with whom you should trust your freight when your priorities are having deliveries on time and at reasonable rates.

ICC number MC152947

For Rate and General Information please email nadine@idealtrans.com or call (978) 531-3161

For Sales Information please email joed@idealtrans.com


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